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You do brave, beautiful, borderline genius things every day. YOU CAN HANDLE FLOWERS!


Collections are gorgeous and affordable, and probably

the easiest solution for budget friendly flowers. 

We pre-curate the packages for you. 


You can also customize a collection that fits

your style and color palette. 

Contact us for more details!


How many flowers do I need for my wedding day, start by deciding on your budget and how many is in your bridal party?  If you need help email us!

Flower Bunches

Flower Bunches is a great option for the bride and groom that only need a few blooms.  You can buy as many or as

few of blooms as you need.

How easy is that? 


The number of flowers you need for a centerpiece depends largely on the size of the vase or container. A small vase would typically need 10 stems of flowers to fill, while a medium one would need 15 to 20 stems. You would need around 25-30 stems to make a large vase look robust and attractive.

Buy by the Box

Buy by the box is a great value.  The box is already pre-curated with colors and flowers.  Wondering if one box is enough?  Email us with your details and we can give you recommendations.


As a guideline, you need 10 stems of wedding flowers for a small bouquet, 18-20 stems for medium, and 25-30 stems for large.

Greenery & Filler

Greenery is a big player in the budget friendly wedding scene and is trending.  Looking for garland? 

Contact us we provide that as well.