5 Steps to Easy DIY Wedding Flowers

How to DIY Wedding Flowers
DIY Wedding Flowers

First Step: Make a list of everything you need to make (see cheat sheet - link below)

Second Step: Pick a color palette

How to DIY wedding flowers
DIY Wedding Flowers

Third Step: Decide on a budget

Many would say this is where the fun stops. Truly it's not let's make it more of a wedding planning challenge. How much will wedding flowers cost. There are many factors. You can spend a ton on very expensive luxury flower types (garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, etc.) or you can chose to go with more common flowers which include; roses, tulips, carnations, sunflowers, daisy, stock, and mums just to name a few.

Fourth Step: Understanding Floral Design Breakdowns

Floral Design breaks into four basic components:

  1. greenery - Lush greens such as eucalyptus have strong, woody stems that keep the leaves supported. Keep them in shallow water or mist them with a spray bottle so they stay fresh.

  2. fillers - Filler flowers are a great way to add body and texture to an arrangement, and they’re very hardy. Wax Flower, Limonium, Baby's Breath, Dianthus and Statice all have small buds that are easy to work with.

  3. accents - Accent flowers add another level of interest to your designs. A few of our favorite accent flowers include; astrantia, lisianthus, snapdragon, spray roses, garden roses, peonies, veronica, lysimachia, ranunculus and succulents. There are so many types of flowers. If you really want to get the dirt about how many species of flowers there really are check out this book.

  4. texture - Texture flowers typically account for 10-15% the design specs and include a variety of flowers. What is a textured flower? Billy balls, dahlias, protea, yarrow, thistle, amaranthus, nigella and anemone. When designing you do not need a ton of these flowers to make a statement. Remember sometimes less is better.

How to DIY wedding flowers
DIY wedding flowers

Fifth Step: Pick your Flower Types

Yes this is where the fun really happens. Picking the overall feel of your bouquet and other floral pieces you are designing for your wedding day is the best part. We highly suggest checking out blogs to get inspiration. Some of our favorite blogs include Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Style Me Pretty. There are several more but this will get you started with some great inspiration. We suggest pinning to your Pinterest board or saving pictures to your device. Once you have your design in place, your color palette achieved it is time to start picking flower and greenery types.

So there you have it five easy steps to DIY wedding flowers. Hold up you say "now what". Well we will have another 5 Step Blog in the next week or so sharing how to prepare your flowers for design..... Follow us on Instagram or Pinterest to keep in the loop.

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