What You Can Make:

  • 1 Large Bridal Bouquet
  • 7 Bridesmaid Bouquets (Smaller than brides)
  • 12 Bouts and 6 Corsages
  • 2 Ceremony Urns
  • Centerpiece Options:
    • 12 Centerpieces using a 5-6'' Vase Diameter
    • 20-22 Mason Jar or 3'' Vase Diameter
    • 50-55 Budvases, 1-2'' Diameter


What You Get:

  • 60 stems- White Ranunculus
  • 30 stems- White Lisianthus
  • 30 stems- Blush Pink Spray Roses
  • 75 stems- Pale Yellow Roses
  • 30 stems- White Alstroemeria
  • 50 stems- Pink/Peach Stock
  • 10 stems- White Football Mums
  • 10 stems- Green Dianthus
  • 20 stems- Yellow Snapdragons
  • 35 stems- Pink Waxflower
  • 4 bunches- Parvifolia Eucalyptus
  • 4 bunches- Salal Tips
  • 2 bunches- Variegated Pittosporum
  • 2 bunches- Silver Dollar Eucalyptus



Bridal Bouquet: 5 white ranunculus, 5 white lisianthus, 5 blush spray roses, 5-7pale yellow roses, 4-6 pink stock, sprigs of parvifolia euc and salal tips.


7 Bridesmaid Bouqets: 2 white ranunculus, 3 white lisianthus, 2 blush spray roses,

3 pale yellow roses, 3 pink stock, sprigs of parvifolia euc and salal tips.


Bouts or Corsages: 1-2 spray rose buds per bout, and 3 buds per corsage. Add sprigs of white lisianthus and your favorite greenery, and save a ranunculus for the groom’s bout!


2 Ceremony Urns:  First, green out with 1 bunch of salal, 1/2 bunch of variegated pitt, and 1 bunch of silver dollar euc per urn.  Then backfill with 12 pale yellow roses, 5 white football mums, 5 green dianthus, and 10 yellow snapdragons per urn.



  • 12 Centerpieces, 5'' diameter:  Green first with salal, variegated pitt, and parvifolia euc in each vase. Then back-fill with 2-3 pale yellow roses, 3 white ranunculus, 3 pink stock, 2 white alstroemeria, 2-3 sprigs of waxflower per vase.
  • 20-22 Mason Jar or 3'' Vase:  pale yellow rose, 1-2 white ranunculus, 1-2 peach stock, 1 white alstroemeria, 1-2 sprigs of waxflower with parvifolia euc, salal, and variegated pittosporum.
  • 50-55 Budvases:  Each one will look different. We suggest 2-3 blooms per bud vase and a sprig of green. These are the flower allotted for budvases: 25 pale yellow roses, 30 white ranunculus, 30 pink/peach stock, 20 white alstroemeria, 25 pink waxflower, 1 bunch of salal tips, 2 bunches of variegated pittosporum, and 2 bunches of parvifolia eucalyptus.


We hand-select predictable and year-round flowers that will be easy to work with and give you the confidence of working with a limited number of blooms but just enough texture to create beautiful wedding flowers.


Soft Hues Large Package

  • Flowers are a product of mother nature and we cannot always control the longevity of each stem. If you receive flowers that do not look fresh or perhaps was just a bad seed. Please contact us immediately so that we can fix the sad blooms and get you fresh flowers before your event.