What You Can Make:

  • 1 Large Bridal Bouquet
  • 2 Bridesmaid Bouquets
  • 8 Bouts and Corsages


What You Get:

  • 10 Stems– Sunflowers
  • 25 Stems - White Roses
  • 14 Stems Yellow Button Mums
  • 10 Stems Feverfew
  • 10 Stems- Crespedia
  • 10 Stems– Yellow Solidago
  • 1 Bunch- Salal
  • 1 Bunch– Willow Eucalyptus


We hand-select predictable and year-round flowers that will be easy to work with and give you the confidence of working with a limited number of blooms but just enough texture to create beautiful wedding flowers.


Sensational Sunflower Petite Package

  • Flowers are a product of mother nature and we cannot always control the longevity of each stem. If you receive flowers that do not look fresh or perhaps was just a bad seed. Please contact us immediately so that we can fix the sad blooms and get you fresh flowers before your event.