The Basic Design

The Basic Design

No Risk: 

If you're nervous about spending money for a design, don't be. You will be speaking with a a trained florist that will assist you with your DIY flower journey.


Phone Consultation with Professional Designer: 

You will have a 30-45 minute phone call with a professional florist to go over all the specifics like desired budget, flowers, vases, arches, large ceremony arrangements, supplies, etc. We'll look at your venue, discuss the space and your vision, and talk through ideas to help you get the most for your money!


Pinterest & Venue Purusing:

You and your designer will ogle over your Pinterest board and Venue pics together, going over all the details!

Customized Proposal

We'll build a proposal for to you make checkout a breeze!

Customized Floral Recipes

You will receive a breakdown of your floral recipes specific to your event.

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