Steps to
DIY Wedding Flowers

Step 1 - Compile Images via Pinterest

Compile images using Pinterest or other wedding blogs. Chose inspiration that speaks to the look you’re hoping to achieve. We suggest going with more simple designs that can be easily put together.

Step 2 - Pick a Design

From the images you compiled in Step 1, chose what designs you want for the bouquets, centerpieces, bouts and maybe ceremony site. The key is to not to go overboard with pieces. Chose pieces that do not feel overwhelming that you will enjoy putting together.

Step 3 - Buy your Containers

Before buying your flowers decide on a vase or other type of container that you want to use. Keep in mind that you're a novice so keep the vase opening to 3"- 4" for your centerpieces. Anything larger you will be spending more time designing and more money on flowers. Here are a couple of great places to check out affordable vases and containers.

Step 4 - Floral Supplies

You’ll want to pre-buy your supplies, which you can easily do online or at a big box store. The following is the essentials. 1. Floral scissors 2. Floral tape 3. Boutonnière pins 4. Ribbon to wrap the bouquets and boutonnieres

Step 5 - Create a Timeline

1. Chose a date to purchase the flowers (we recommend 30 days in advance of the event date at the latest) 2. Review "how to DIY wedding florals" tutorials 3. Schedule the day they will arrive or you pick-up locally (Local suppplier in Coloardo - Flower Bundles Company) 4. Set a date and time for family and friends to design (2 days before is ideal) 5. Centerpieces can be made 2 days before your event 6. Bouquets and boutionnere's 2 days before your event 7. Ceremony pieces the day of your event if you can not hydrate them 24 hours before

Step 6 - Discover the 10 hardiest flowers for bouquets and arrangements

Spend some time thinking about what type of flowers you want to use. We suggest using a few of the top 10 hardiest flowers. This will make the designing easier and less stessful. Take a look at buy by the box as well. The pre-curated boxes make deciding what you need easy. 1. Chrysanthemums (Affordable) 2. Daisies (Affordable) 3. Craspedia Billy Balls (Affordable) 4. Peony (Expensive) 5. Peruvian Lilies (Affordable) 6. Carnations (Affordable) 7. Gerber Daisy (Affordable) 8. Wax Flower (Affordable) 9. Roses (Expensive) 10. Scobiosa Pods (Affordable)

Step 8 - Review Tutorials

Spend some time reviewing the tutorials. Do not wait until the week of your wedding this will give you anxiety. We recommend adding this date to your timeline to keep everyone in check. Tutorials to review: (Scroll and Click to Review the Tutorial) Brides and Bridesmaid Bouquet Tutorial Boutionnere Compote Centerpiece Mason Jar Centerpiece

Step 7 - Order the Flowers

Rule of thumb is to order your flowers at least a month in advance. We highly recommend ordering them within 60 days of your event to ensure availability. Waiting isn't recommended get those flowers ordered and mark that off your list. A few things to think about when ordering. 1. Color palette 2. The bigger the bloom head the less flowers you need 3. Try to bypass the delicate flowers - they break easily and can cause frustration (anemeone, ranuculus, sweet pea are just a few) email us if you have questions 4. Greenery is your bestfriend in DIY floral world. It will add texture but also fill in gaps