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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Flower Bundle Work

We have pre-designed DIY Kits to make ordering flowers easy. You can select one of these Kits based on the size of your wedding party and guest count. Then, submit an order either through checking out on our website or by contacting us. We also have add-on sections ceremony flowers and loose flowers. It is common to make modifications to our collections or have a completely custom package priced out. If you would like a custom package, fill out our custom contact form.​

Do you offer custom packages?

Yes, we offer custom flower orders. We are happy to customize a package, so it is perfect for your big day.  Complete our online form and we will reach out to start the process.

Do you have an order minimum?

Yes, our order minimum is $250 for all purchases. All orders come boxed together and are available for pick-up in Denver or Golden.  We do ship within the State of Colorado for an additional fee.

Do I need flower experience?

No way! Thousands of brides with little or no experience have arranged their own flowers to save costs on their wedding.  We have detailed instructions and there are several online tutorials to leave you feeling comfortable with arranging you own wedding designs.  For extra help, get some friends and family together and have some fun. You will love the outcome and the $$$$ you save.

Are your flowers fresh and real?

Yes! We only sell real, fresh flowers.

When should I order flowers for my wedding?

We find that most brides prefer to bock their DIY wedding flower orders three to six months in advance of their wedding date. Order your flowers as soon as you feel confident with your selection. An earlier placed order ensures that everything goes smoothly.


Ordering last-minute increases the chance of floral substitutes when sourcing high-demand flowers.

We can still help if your delivery date is less than 14 business days away and you need to place a last-minute order. Please contact us to check availability at

How long does it take to DIY my flowers?

Your first arrangement can take up to 30 minutes with each arrangement becoming easier and easier. Our couples usually grab their family and friends to help and have an "arranging party." The average total time arranging flowers takes about 4-6 hours depending on your wedding party size and guest count.

How much is shipping? Where do you ship?

We ship only within Colorado.  Our minimum order is $250 to qualify for shipping and shipping is an additional cost.

How do I receive my DIY kit?

If you live in proximity to Colorado Springs, Denver or Golden, you will pick up your flowers.   

Your flowers will be wrapped and packed tightly in a box (we pack it tight to avoid shifting). You will receive between 1-5 boxes depending on your order size.

What do I do with the flowers when they arrive?

We provide full instructions on how to prep your flowers, store your flowers and design your flowers.  Once you place an order with us we will send you a welcome email with all these details.  Once you review if you still feel lost reach out to us.  We have actual florist that answer all your questions.

What if I am having a destination wedding in Colorado can we buy a kit?

YES!  You can pick-up Wednesday-Friday in Denver or Golden.  The other option is to ship to your Colorado destination as long as you have someone at the address available to sign for the package(s).

How soon before my wedding should I have my flowers delivered?

DIY wedding flowers should be picked up or received 2-3 days before your wedding or event date. For example, if your wedding is on a Saturday, it is ideal for you to receive your flowers Wednesday or Thursday. This will give you plenty of time to arrange and for the flowers to fully open.

How do I keep my flowers fresh?

We work with the world's best flower suppliers.   When you receive your flowers they will be thirsty, you should cut the stems at a 45 degree angle and fully submerge the stems in water. Flowers only require room temperature water and do not need to be refrigerated.  We provide more detailed instructions in our welcome packet.

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